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About us

In May of 2004, doctors and nursing staff at the Klinikum [Clinical Center] in Landsberg am Lech first gathered to discuss and exchange ideas on how to join into projects their commitment to aiding people in need all over the world.

This first gathering turned into a working group on a regular basis called Humanitäre Hilfe [Humanitarian Aid] and an association of the same name was ultimately founded in March 2005.

The Committee of the Association

1. Vorsitzender Dr. med. Soeren Gatz
1. stv. Vorsitzender Dr. med. dent. Heinrich Roller
2. stv. Vorsitzende Ottilie Ecke
Schatzmeister Josef Mergler
Schriftführer name hitherto unknown
Beisitzerin Els Mergler
Beisitzerin Sabine Probst
Beisitzer Hermann Probst